Don’t Paint Your Window Hardware!

This is related to windows but really about painting. Planning any DIY interior painting projects this winter? Pro tip: (and comment from an irritated window preservationist) REMOVE your window hardware before you paint. Or cabinet hardware or door knobs or whatever. It’s sloppy and lazy not to but it also interferes with the function of that hardware. It stuns me when I see what people slop paint on as if they were badly and aggressively frosting a cupcake.

Is the hardware already painted? Don’t paint it again! Take it off and clean it up (or bring it to me and I’ll do it).

Here are some before and after shots of painted hardware and then cleaned up hardware after I’m done with it. It’s very satisfying but I’d prefer if the stuff never got painted in the first place.

Your locks especially need to work as intended. That’s what keeps your windows tight and closed and that’s what helps keep drafts out. Simple things like this keep your windows lasting and working for you for a long, long time.

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