Winter Window Tune Up

This winter is going to be long (and we should all be staying home) so here’s an idea for a cold weather project: storm window inspection and maintenance.Storms are an important part of the window system and existing ones can be maintained very affordably. I’m specifically talking about metal storm windows here. Are yours hard to use? Broken? Incomplete? Here’s what you do:

Missing pieces? Take a good look around your home. Check the basement, attic, crawl space, closets, garage, garage loft, etc. if you’re still missing panels, you can have new ones made locally at Ace, True Value, and the like. If the whole frame is missing, call Corn Belt Aluminum (these recommendations are specifically for those of you in or around Des Moines, IA).

Broken? Remove panels and take them to a local place for glass replacement, screen replacement, new tabs, new brush weatherstripping, new rubber gasket pieces that hold the glass in, etc, etc.

Hard to use? Get an old tooth brush and a vacuum and suck up the dirt, debris, and dead bugs in the tracks. Then spray tracks and tabs with spray lubricant. My favorite is Liquid Wrench Dry Lubricant that I get at Ace Hardware. Don’t be shy with it. It’s worth the $9/can or whatever in the difference it makes in ease of operation.

I’m happy to answer questions! Yes, I restore and maintain original windows for a living but storms are such an important part of the system that I’m happy to dispense free advice about them.

Have fun!!

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